Reporting and Logging Reviews for Phone Sheriff

When you install Phone Sheriff onto your phone, it will keep track the target device on how they are using their phone. You will be able to monitor all call logs together with the complete information of the incoming and outgoing calls. You can see who are they talking to and how long the conversation last. You can also see memos, note, and calendars inputted on the phone. You can see all email messages with complete details of when it was received and sent. If the person also receives email notifications from facebook and twitter, you will have also the chance to see it.

All of the activity that takes place on the target phone will be logged and can be viewed using your secured online account. What is good about this software is that, even if your target person deletes all the information on the cell phone, your Phone Sheriff Account have back up files of those deleted information. They are uploaded on your account even before they decided to get rid of this data.

Phone Sheriff offers both call and SMS messaging monitoring. Detailed call logs with date, time, phone number, and even the length of conversation are monitored. Same with the SMS logs. You can retrieve the messages, time and who send the message on to the target device. The software provides all the information you need regarding the call and text logs.

Photos and videos taken by the device are also monitored. You can even see the photos received by the phone, as long as it was stored on the device. You can also see email messages and WebPages visited by the phone.

GPS tools of Phone Sheriff also provide detailed logs of the target device’s location. The log will display on the account and you can look at the map that is indicated by markers for you to identify the location of the phone. Fortunately, the GPS system of the software also provides you with the complete time and date along with the GPS coordinates.

The logs can save in the format of PDF, XLS, and CSV files. There are also graph, doughnut, and pie charts on the data. The charts can help you identify which phone number they are communicating with the use of calls, text, and even email messages. You can also see which apps are commonly used by your target device, together with the date range.

Reporting and logging of Phone Sheriff can be marked as amazing. If you are going to grade it, 10 as the highest, I will probably grade this software as 10. The reporting and logging of the software is more than satisfactory. It will deliver you the report with complete details, more than what you expect from it. This software can help you determine the truth behind the stories of your employees and will help you thoroughly monitor your child’s usage of the phone itself. This software is highly recommended for parents and employers who need monitoring software.

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