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PhoneSheriff is a software that any parent can use to control and monitor their children’s tablets and phones. In today’s society, you need to do everything you can as a parent to keep your children protected. It’s no longer only about what they may run into on the street but what they might find out in cyberspace that could do them harm as well. Any child that is allowed to use a tablet or a mobile phone needs monitoring by their parents to ensure that they stay safe and secure.

Your children don’t need to know that it’s installed!

If you have teenagers you may not want them to know that you’re tracking and monitoring their mobile devices. Fortunately, the PhoneSheriff reviews show that this software can remain completely undetected on the device so that you can really find out what’s going on. It’s not hard for a teenager to get lured down the wrong path by his peers and friends and you as a responsible adult have to stay on top of things at all times. If your child knows that his tablet or cell phone is being monitored, he may reach for someone else’s to do or discuss something that he knows you wouldn’t approve of.

How can PhoneSheriff keep my child protected?

This software offers a variety of features that allows you to monitor the phone and all of the activities that occur on it. Some of the most popular features, as seen in one PhoneSheriff reviews after another, include the following:

  • View the call logs
  • See what’s being written on the calendars
  • Find out who has been added to the contacts
  • Read the outgoing and incoming SMS messages
  • See where the phone is through GPS locations
  • Read through email messages
  • Learn more about the websites visited on the cell phone or tablet
  • Find out what was said during phone conversations
  • View videos and photos
  • Many other features that you’ll absolutely love!
  • Not only can you monitor the phone but you can filter it as well!

You’ll have the ability to place filters on the tablet or phone as you see fit. This will give you the opportunity to decide what you want your child to be exposed to on the device as a parent using PhoneSheriff. It’s important in this day and age to remember that you still have rights and even though the age of technology has been changing things up in the parenting world, you are still ultimately responsible for your child’s safety.

What is Phone Sheriff

Are you worrying about your child or employees usage of the mobile phone and tablets? Phone Sheriff will help you to monitor their activities. Our children tend to abuse the usage of their gadget when they know that parents are not doing anything about it. It is the same with the employees. There are times when employees forget to use their gadget properly even if they are in the office. There are companies that is giving their employees phone to use as long it is about their job. However, if the employee is working on the field, there is no way for the employer to monitor their worker’s activity on the company cell phone. This may affect the productivity of the employee when they are under minimal supervision.

Phone Sheriff is the next generation’s mobile spyware that can be use in cell phones and tablets. It has the ability to filter, block, and track the activities of your target device. This software is ideal for you and especially if you are a parent wants to control their child’s activity. After you set up the software on your target device, all you have to do is to set up the restrictions for phone numbers, websites, and even the time limit for usage. This software can record the cell phones activity in text messages, call logs, and most especially GPS locations. This GPS location helps you to locate physical location of the mobile phone. This is best usage when your child is missing and you can locate them using the software. You can view all the logs in a control panel on your account.

Using the internet capabilities of the phone or your tablets, the activities of the target device will be recorded in the Phone Sheriff account. You can review all the activity logs by logging in to your secured account on the website, and this website are designed with simplicity for users can navigate within the account easily.

While this program helps parents, it is best for employers as well. This software will let the employers track down the activity of the employees when they are working without the presence of their superior. There are cases when employees are only using the phone for recreation, letting them to decrease their capacity to work at their best.

Businesses nowadays are purely relying on online transactions and internet communications. Almost 70% of businesses operate on the internet rather that meeting with customer face to face. The employees also do the same thing with the company client; but one disadvantage of the phone sheriff is that employees may tend to abuse the internet in the office.

They may use their mobile phones or tablets to access on their social media account instead of working with the client. Facebook and Twitter can be a big distraction for the employees, because this accounts they may tuned in to their favorite activities and they can even communicate with friends and families. Worst case of all, is that it can be a means to send private information about the company that may result to the companies negative reputation.

These are the different information you might want to know about phone sheriff.

Here are just some of the fantastic filters you receive with this program:

  • Filter websites – You’ll have the ability to filter the sites that the user of the phone can visit. Any inappropriate websites can be instantly blocked.
  • Time restrictions – The phone may be locked during certain times of the day.
  • Filter contacts – Create your own whitelists and blacklists of contacts that may be allowed to appear on the phone.

Phone Sheriff is a silent nanny that works for you day and night

Take a moment to look through the Phone Sheriff reviews. You’ll see that everything that occurs on the target phone will be silently monitored and sent to your user interface where you can view it privately. You’ll be able to set up your own account password and you’ll be the only one that has access to the information provided. You can log onto your account at any time of the night or day to check in on the phone activities.

This is just like having your own nanny watching over your child or even a Sheriff that is guarding your youngster day and night. This is not a PhoneSheriff scam but is a high profile software that people are using globally with fantastic results. Let’s face it – the world has become centered around technology and the only way to keep a young one safe is through state-of-the-art methods. It’s become necessary to attack these technological advances through technical means and this is the software that can do it for you.

This program almost seems too good to be true!

This software was developed in the best interest of parents and children worldwide. Now you’ll be able to see if your child is messaging somebody they don’t know, contacting somebody on Facebook that may be a predator or is just simply getting in touch with his friends to plan a party that you’d prefer he didn’t go to. With the information in your hands from this PhoneSheriff review you’ll be able to make logical choices as a parent to decide what’s best for your child based on your own family morals.

Here are just some of the fantastic alerts you’ll be receiving!

These are the types of alerts that you will be sent when this cell Sheriff detects suspicious activity. You will be sent a message that will appear in your alert log and you will have the option of acting upon it or not according to your own level of parental authority.

  • Intrusion alert – When a wrong SMS command or PIN is tried on the phone you’ll receive a notice about it.
  • Profanity alert – This software will let you know if any profanity or abusive content has occurred.
  • Internet usage – Get recorded information about all of the Internet activity that has occurred on the phone.
  • Custom alerts – Set up your own list of target words that you want monitored and the program will let you know if and when they appear.
  • Real-time GPS tracking so that you can know where your child is at all times!

This is probably the best feature that this program offers according to the PhoneSheriff reviews. You’ll be using real-time tracking capabilities and will be able to see where the phone is and where it is moving to on a 3-D map.

There’s no doubt about it; you definitely need to install some type of protective monitoring feature onto your child’s mobile device. With this software package you’ll have everything bundled together into one complete service that gives you back the control you need as a parent to keep your children safe. It’s almost essential for many children to own their own phones to keep in communication with their parents these days but it must be safeguarded.

If you have a child you need to get this program today! Phone Sheriff is the monitoring software that allows you to sit back and relax when your children are out of sight knowing that they are being monitored and tracked to keep them out of harm’s way.

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