Phone Sheriff Special Features

Phone Sheriff is one of the popular mobile monitoring software now. This help people to monitor the person they want to be monitored like parents to their children and employers to their employees. This software gives them accurate reports about their activity through their mobile phone. This application has very useful features that are now more developed and improved. In addition, here are some of the features that help to do the monitoring job effectively:


  • Altering Application – Avoid any usage of unnecessary application by means blocking. You can also lock the entire phone or just choose some application that need to be block.
  • Website Filtering – Like in application filtering, in this feature you can block a specific website that you think is not necessary. This helps the children and the employee to restrict visits to sites that are inappropriate for them and restrict them to so much usage of those sites.
  • Custom filtering – In this software there is a blacklist that need to be customized by means of blocking some website and contact to the phone.
  • SMS Messages – With Phone Sheriff, you can see all the text messages logs sent or received and even the deleted messages.
  • Call logs – View the dialed and received calls. The incoming and the outgoing phone calls even the call duration of each calls.
  • GPS location – You can view the accurate GPS location of the phone that being monitored.
    Email messages. Record all the email transaction of the person.
  • Website visited – All the website that have been visited through phone will be recorded even the phone history is deleted.
  • Images and videos – With Phone Sheriff you can unknowingly view all the images and videos that saved in the phone.
  • Added contacts – When your child adds a new number to their contact list you can easily see this number.


  • Profanity alert – When there is foul or bad words that been sent, you will get an alert. This feature is perfect to care for your child’s innocence.
  • Custom alert – You can create a list of words that you think is not acceptable, and if one of those words is being sent to you or used by person whose phone is being track you will be alerted.
  • Intrusion alert – If there is someone try to access the blocked function and you set an alert, Phone Sheriff will notify you.
  • Fencing alert – This features help you to effectively monitor specially you child. For example, you assigned a specific place that your child is allowed to go and they attempt to pass that place, this software alert you.
  • Time restriction – You can choose a certain time to lock the phone or block some function to avoid so much usage of the phone.
  • Multiple device management – In this feature you can manage to monitor more than one device in one control panel.
  • Remote uninstall – Using this feature, you can create a back up data to ensure that you still have those data even if the phone is stolen or lost.

These are the different special features of phone sheriff.

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