Phone Sheriff Mobile Compatibility

If you are going to purchase the most trusted mobile spyware in the market, you should also consider your phone’s compatibility to the software, and one of the best is phone sheriff. Nevertheless, it is design to be compatible with the wide array of cell phone Operating System. Operating System or OS is a collection of software that mange any device hardware resource and can provide common services for the device.

Phone Sheriff is compatible with 5 major operating system in the market: iPhone, Windows Mobile 6.x, Symbian OS 9.x, Android, and Blackberry. It is also compatible with Apple Tablets and Android Tablets. This will let you know if your device is compatible with the software. There may be phones that carries different name, but has the compatible OS with the software.

Please be noted that when you are talking about compatibility, it is the not the brand of the phone is important, what is most important is the firmware or OS of your device. I will list down some of the compatible OS for Phone Sheriff.

Android OS Requirements

Phone Sheriff is perfect for parental monitoring using Android phones and tablets. The version of this Android will give you the ability to monitor text messages, calls, browsing activity in the internet, and most especially GPS location. It can implement filters on the device like blocking phone numbers, time restrictions, and blacklist certain applications. It is mostly compatible with most of the Android devices. This software is compatible to Android OS version 2.1 to Android OS version 4.2.2.

Blackberry OS Requirements

This software is compatible with most of the Blackberry Brand models. The Blackberry monitoring software will let you upload logs by using the internet. You do not need computer to have the software installed on the phone; you just need the internet connection on your mobile. The software is compatible with Black Berry OS version 4 to Black Berry OS version 7.1.0.

iPhone OS Requirements

Phone Sheriff is the leading parental monitoring software for iPhone. For users of iPhone, and you need to monitor your child’s activity, you do not need to worry about compatibility, this software is compatible with your device, and you can let the software do the job for you. Did you know that this is the first software that is compatible with Apple’s precious iPhone series? This software is compatible with iPhone OS version 3.1.3 up to 6.1.2 for all iPhone models 3G, 3GS, iPhone4, iPhone 4S, and the latest iPhone5. Please take note that the only requirement is to make sure that it is jail broken prior to installing the software. You may also check their website about the additional requirements in jail breaking.

Windows Mobile OS Requirements

This software is compatible with any smartphones running in Windows OS version 6.x. Just in case you do not see your phone’s version in the bracket, any Windows Mobile 6.x smartphone that has internet connectivity will be compatible with this software.

Symbian OS Requirements

Phone Sheriff is compatible with Symbian OS 9.x, it has the ability to monitor all the phone activity, and you can create filters for your child’s phone.

These are major OS compatible for most of the mobile phones in the market. If you cannot find the version of your phone on the list, you may visit the phone sheriff website for more OS compatibility requirements.

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