Parental Monitoring compatible for iPhone

The phone sheriff works with iPhone as well! iPhone itself is an amazing device. However, the maker of the phone, which is Apple do not allow third party to download applications on the device. Nevertheless, with the born of this program, you will be able to use the software in your iPhone as long as it was jail broken. Since this phone can do everything, as if you are using a computer, kids today are spending almost their entire day in using their phone. They spend time downloading applications, browsing in the internet, playing games on the phone, posting to their social media accounts, calling and chatting with friends. With these activities, children and especially teenager can do many things using this iPhone that is why parental control is a necessity for parents nowadays.

One way for parents to make sure they can monitor their children’s activity on iPhone is to use parental monitoring software. There is no software that is compatible with iPhone, it is only Phone Sheriff can do wonders for this kind of phone. When you install the software on the iPhone, it will record all the users’ activities and the files can be reviewed on the account your private account on the website. This will also let you set the parental monitor settings on the device, and you can set restrictions on how your child can use it. You will be surprise on how easy it is to monitor your child’s activity and restrict your child’s iPhone usage.

Using Phone Sheriff, you can monitor iMessages on iPhone. One of the free software for iPhone is iMessages where your child can communicate to different people. Apple’s free iMessages will allow them to send and receive text, photos, and videos on the same phone model. This will also let your children to share their location. With the use of this software, you will be able to record all their iMessages conversation, incoming and outgoing messages. This also includes name and time of the conversation. With the help of the software, you can also detect if your child has a problem and you may take actions from there.

Teenagers that are using iPhone love to take pictures of themselves, and anything that they will see along the way. What is not good idea about this is that they are taking explicit photos and they share and send them with their friend’s phones. Once these photos are shared, it will be easy to anyone to share it in the public with the use of social media, and embarrassment will follow. This could attract the online stalkers and other predators to contact your child. The safety of your child will be at stake just because of explicit photos. With the help of Phone Sheriff, you will be able to control photos and videos taken from your child’s phone. Any photos that you think that will affect the reputation of your child can be deleted using your control panel.

Phone Sheriff can help the parents to monitor their children even with the highest system phone in the market, which is Apple’s iPhone. Regardless of the model of your phone, there is surely compatible software for you.

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