Makita XT248 Review

A look at the cordless and brushless power tool: Makita power tool

Are you someone who is looking to purchase the best power tool for your electrical and drilling jobs? Well, you will find that there are about hundreds of power tools available in the market that come with different features, sizes and shapes, with cords and brushes or cordless and without any brush included and they are tagged with several range of prices and comes under different brands that produce these power tool. One such power tool that you can take a look at is Makita power tool, which is both cordless and also brushless. You can also read the short review for Makita XT248 power tool, if you want to purchase it. This article will take a look at the Makita XT248 power tool for you.

A look at the cordless and brushless power tool- Makita power tool:

  • You can consider purchasing the Makita XT248 power tool as Makita is consistently ranked as one of the top brands that make power tools.
  • The Makita XT248 comes with a case for carrying and also includes a lithium ion battery, hammer driver and impact driver.
  • Makita power tool is completely brushless motor which is controlled electrically to increase the efficiency of battery life of the power tool to up to 50% than any other power tool.
  • The Makita power tool comes engineered with the extreme protection technology (ETP) that increases the resistance for dust and water so that this power tool can be used in extreme and any weather condition.
  • The Makita power tool also comes equipped with the variable 2 speed half inches hammer driver drills. These half inches hammer driver drills runs with both 0 to 400 RPM and also 0- 1550 RPM speed. Not only that, these hammers also go on to provide a max torque of 530 in. lbs and only weighs about 3.9 lbs.
  • There is also a LED gauge light of 3 stages which indicates the battery charge level of the Makita power tool. This way you can keep a track of the battery charge and charge it before it runs out of charge.
  • The brushless feature of the Makita power tool provides a great advantage to those who use this power tool. This brushless Makita power tool motor is designed to control the power tool battery electronically to save up to 50% as mentioned earlier. This is why the battery of the Makita power tool is about 50% more efficient than that of the traditional lithium ion batteries.
  • Also the lithium ion battery of the Makita power tool is also designed in such a way so that it can run more efficiently without heating up, providing a longer life and durability. The battery charger of the Makita power tool contains multi charging level that can easily show you if the power tool battery is experiencing any error in battery charge and when the Makita power tool is completely charged up for use.


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