Phone Sheriff Mobile Compatibility

If you are going to purchase the most trusted mobile spyware in the market, you should also consider your phone’s compatibility to the software, and one of the best is phone sheriff. Nevertheless, it is design to be compatible with the wide array of cell phone Operating System. Operating System or OS is a collection of software that mange any device hardware resource and can provide common services for the device.

Phone Sheriff is compatible with 5 major operating system in the market: iPhone, Windows Mobile 6.x, Symbian OS 9.x, Android, and Blackberry. It is also compatible with Apple Tablets and Android Tablets. This will let you know if your device is compatible with the software. There may be phones that carries different name, but has the compatible OS with the software.

Please be noted that when you are talking about compatibility, it is the not the brand of the phone is important, what is most important is the firmware or OS of your device. I will list down some of the compatible OS for Phone Sheriff.

Android OS Requirements

Phone Sheriff is perfect for parental monitoring using Android phones and tablets. The version of this Android will give you the ability to monitor text messages, calls, browsing activity in the internet, and most especially GPS location. It can implement filters on the device like blocking phone numbers, time restrictions, and blacklist certain applications. It is mostly compatible with most of the Android devices. This software is compatible to Android OS version 2.1 to Android OS version 4.2.2.

Blackberry OS Requirements

This software is compatible with most of the Blackberry Brand models. The Blackberry monitoring software will let you upload logs by using the internet. You do not need computer to have the software installed on the phone; you just need the internet connection on your mobile. The software is compatible with Black Berry OS version 4 to Black Berry OS version 7.1.0.

iPhone OS Requirements

Phone Sheriff is the leading parental monitoring software for iPhone. For users of iPhone, and you need to monitor your child’s activity, you do not need to worry about compatibility, this software is compatible with your device, and you can let the software do the job for you. Did you know that this is the first software that is compatible with Apple’s precious iPhone series? This software is compatible with iPhone OS version 3.1.3 up to 6.1.2 for all iPhone models 3G, 3GS, iPhone4, iPhone 4S, and the latest iPhone5. Please take note that the only requirement is to make sure that it is jail broken prior to installing the software. You may also check their website about the additional requirements in jail breaking.

Windows Mobile OS Requirements

This software is compatible with any smartphones running in Windows OS version 6.x. Just in case you do not see your phone’s version in the bracket, any Windows Mobile 6.x smartphone that has internet connectivity will be compatible with this software.

Symbian OS Requirements

Phone Sheriff is compatible with Symbian OS 9.x, it has the ability to monitor all the phone activity, and you can create filters for your child’s phone.

These are major OS compatible for most of the mobile phones in the market. If you cannot find the version of your phone on the list, you may visit the phone sheriff website for more OS compatibility requirements.

Phone Sheriff: What it is and how it can work for you

Phone Sheriff is powerful software that will let you control the activity of your child and even your employee. You can be assured that it is totally works secretly, and will best suit the use of parents and employers. Once this software is downloaded to your device, the user will not notice that their device is being track. It will run on their device stealthily and will not leave any trace.

When your target device is connected to the internet, Phone Sheriff will do the tracking. It will monitor and record all of the activity of the device. Name all the things a person can do with cell phone or tablet, and this software will record everything. It can even record text messages conversation and call logs. Keep track all calendars, photos, videos, and the GPS location are just some of the wonders it can do for you. In addition, it can even track the actual conversation of the person you are monitoring.

The most significant feature of this software is its ability to filter and monitor the activities of your target device using an advance method. All of the data and files will be sent to a secure account you made on their website. Using this account, you will be able to review all of the activities captured by the software. All you have to do is access your account and there you will find a control panel where you can see all the recorded activities. You do not even have to worry about the deleted files, because before they will remember to delete it, it was already sent to your account. There is no way for them to lie. All of the logs are arranged properly on the website for the user’s easy navigation. You will be notified just in case there are any updates on the account.

You do not have to worry about the compatibility of the software to your phone. Since most of the people are into Android and smartphone, this software is made to match these kinds of operating system on mobile phone. Even iPhone who are having a hard time downloading applications from third party vendors, Phone Sheriff male sure that it can be use to Apple’s product such as iPhone series, and amazingly iPad and iPod. Even the newest software in town such as Windows and Symbian will work compatibly with this software. As long as the phone can connect to the internet, it will work with this software.

You do not have to worry about expensive spyware, phone Sheriff may be the cheapest spyware in the market. All the basic needs in spying and monitoring your child are in the software. It can even be use to spy the people in your office if you feel like they are not doing their job, instead they are just browsing non-sense over the internet. This software is the best one for you, budget friendly, works stealthily, easy to navigate with, and will not leave any trace of tracking. Try it and amaze yourself and see what phone sheriff can do for you.

Reporting and Logging Reviews for Phone Sheriff

When you install Phone Sheriff onto your phone, it will keep track the target device on how they are using their phone. You will be able to monitor all call logs together with the complete information of the incoming and outgoing calls. You can see who are they talking to and how long the conversation last. You can also see memos, note, and calendars inputted on the phone. You can see all email messages with complete details of when it was received and sent. If the person also receives email notifications from facebook and twitter, you will have also the chance to see it.

All of the activity that takes place on the target phone will be logged and can be viewed using your secured online account. What is good about this software is that, even if your target person deletes all the information on the cell phone, your Phone Sheriff Account have back up files of those deleted information. They are uploaded on your account even before they decided to get rid of this data.

Phone Sheriff offers both call and SMS messaging monitoring. Detailed call logs with date, time, phone number, and even the length of conversation are monitored. Same with the SMS logs. You can retrieve the messages, time and who send the message on to the target device. The software provides all the information you need regarding the call and text logs.

Photos and videos taken by the device are also monitored. You can even see the photos received by the phone, as long as it was stored on the device. You can also see email messages and WebPages visited by the phone.

GPS tools of Phone Sheriff also provide detailed logs of the target device’s location. The log will display on the account and you can look at the map that is indicated by markers for you to identify the location of the phone. Fortunately, the GPS system of the software also provides you with the complete time and date along with the GPS coordinates.

The logs can save in the format of PDF, XLS, and CSV files. There are also graph, doughnut, and pie charts on the data. The charts can help you identify which phone number they are communicating with the use of calls, text, and even email messages. You can also see which apps are commonly used by your target device, together with the date range.

Reporting and logging of Phone Sheriff can be marked as amazing. If you are going to grade it, 10 as the highest, I will probably grade this software as 10. The reporting and logging of the software is more than satisfactory. It will deliver you the report with complete details, more than what you expect from it. This software can help you determine the truth behind the stories of your employees and will help you thoroughly monitor your child’s usage of the phone itself. This software is highly recommended for parents and employers who need monitoring software.

Track your Employee and Secure your company’s Information by using Phone Sheriff

It is important for a company to protect their private information, and one way to do this, is to invest on the phone sheriff program. Employees should be well trained and trustworthy to keep the company’s privacy. However, there are instances that the employee really have the hidden agenda of collecting ideas of the company and sell it to other company from the very beginning. This will be the worst nightmare for any company. With the high mobility of the gadgets nowadays, it is very easy to peep on any idea that can cost a lot of money when you sell it on the company’s competitor.

There are also companies that allow their employees to work outside the office or in the field, and this will require the employer to trust their employee. Many employees today have all the access to the internet on their company provided with gadgets like cell phones and tablets. In addition to that, employees tend to abuse this freedom and may use the gadget for their personal use. This will result to employee’s use their gadgets for personal reasons and forget their job. This will also cause them to decrease their productivity because they are focusing on other things like logging in to facebook and twitter accounts. Because of this low productivity, companies nowadays are losing profit, and tend to decrease the sales of the company. It is important for companies to keep monitoring their employees even if they think they are the most trustworthy employee of your company.

Monitor your employee with the help of Phone Sheriff. This is one of the most trusted spyware in the market and is valuable for the company. This will help you to track them when they are working on the field, and record their activity on the phone including messages and call logs.


If your employees are out in the field, you have no clue of what they are doing within the office hours. You did not even know if they really are travelling to their assigned destinations or just staying home. You need to track them if they are using office hours productively, or just wasting time browsing in to facebook and twitter. Before, there is no way for employers to track down the location of the employees working on the go. These days, Phone Sheriff is the best tracking device you can use in monitoring your employees. GPS tracking will help you to locate them using the gadgets and will let you monitor their internet activities.


When your company is providing gadgets to your employees, this will also have the most private information you about the company. Securing all the company’s information in this very competitive nature of business is very hard than before. That is the reason why there are companies that is making this Software part of their monitoring plan in the company. Phone Sheriff will help you to find out if your employee is trying to enter the company’s private profile. One way to do this is to set an alarm when they are accessing to that information. All messages logs, call logs and all forms of communication will be recorded once use by your employee.

Revolutionary Logging Features of Phone Sheriff

Phone Sheriff is undeniably one of the most popular and budget friendly spyware in the market. It has all the basic features of parental monitoring software that best for parents who are having a problem with their child. We will discuss the amazing logging features of the software.

Logging Features

This software works secretly on the target device. This will include features like GPS location and text messages tracking and so many others. Check out these detailed features and learn how it can help you from tracking someone’s device.

  • Monitor messages – using the software, you will be able to learn about your target device’s text messages activity. It can record all of the incoming and outgoing SMS of the device. You can even view deleted messages.
  • Monitor iMessages – iMessages is an application on iPhone, where you can send free messages on the same model of phone. Before, it is impossible to monitor users of iPhone, but with the revolutionary features of this software, it can work with iPhone secretly.
  • Track Call History – All of the incoming and outgoing calls of the phone will be recorded and you will be able to review who called on the target device.
  • Monitor URL visited – URL is the address of the website. With the help of this software, you will be able to know what are the websites visited by your child or your employee. You will now know if your child is visiting inappropriate websites for their age.
  • GPS tracking – with the use of this system, you will be able to know the exact location of the target device. In this case, you will be able to know where your employee and child is going when they are out of your site.
  • Photo and Video Logs – Before, spyware was not able to track the photos of the target phone. Phone Sheriff will give you even the videos taken from the target device. Once a photo was saved on the device, it will be sending on your account and it will collect all of the photos and videos taken. This will let you know if there are malicious photos and videos taken on the device.
  • Review emails – You will be able to see all the email sent on the target device. Once they are connected to the internet, incoming and outgoing emails will be send on your account to review. You will be notified if there are new logs uploaded on the account.
  • See all Apps installed – most children love to download applications. Using Phone Sheriff, you can now review the applications they are downloading on their device. You will definitely know what the applications they are using.
  • Notes Logs – all the event that are logged on the note will be send your account. You will be able to know what are the even inputted on their phone.
  • Calendar logs – Phone Sheriff will let you track the events inputted on the device. If they are scheduled to do something, or if they are scheduled on a meeting, you will see it and review all the inputted events.

Why you should use Phone Sheriff

A sudden necessity on parental control applications gives way to the born of Phone Sheriff. Due to the growing demand of the parents who wants to monitor their child in using the internet, spyware in the market boost. Today, cell phones are advanced and each of them has the ability to connect to the internet. People who are using the internet would agree that it is a powerful tool that can bring good effects, and at the same time danger to people. The internet can be used in advance learning, and many kids use this internet as an advantage in their studies. However, there are certain points where internet can be very dangerous for children. For example, a social networking site like Facebook is the most popular hub for every kind of individuals. Kids go to this site and can mingle with people they do not know by chatting with them. The simple act of sharing and posting ideas can bring harm to your kids. Do you want to know why? Because if your child post something about themselves, their whereabouts, and post photos of themselves, predators online may take this as an opportunity to victimize your child.

Parents need to understand that these online predators can do so many things on their innocent child. According to statistics, almost 70% of the minors have been offended by these individuals. They may encounter sex offenders and may experience online molestations using these networking sites. We all know that teenagers are not yet responsible enough to know how to handle situations like this. As a concerned parent, you need to protect them using mobile software like Phone Sheriff. It is not only mobile phones this software can monitor, but also tablets, which are very in to teenagers.

Through the help of Phone Sheriff, you will be able to monitor everything your child is doing on the phone. Here are some of the reasons why you need to have this program.

For Emergency – this software is so much capable of locating the target device in real time. Parents can track their child’s whereabouts using the GPS locator of the mobile phone.
Limit and Restrict Internet Usage – If you are worrying about your child’s addiction on their gadgets, and you feel like their studies are affected, this software can help you to restrict their usage. You can utilize the software’s blocking features to restrict websites on your target device. You may also block certain functions of the phone itself like connecting to the internet using WI-FI.
URL Tracking – this feature will give you the ability to track your child’s visited website, and if you found out that they are entering websites not good for them, you can totally block the URL and they cannot enter on that website again.
SMS monitoring – Phone Sheriff will allow you to record all incoming and outgoing messages on your child’s phone. This way, you will see the phone number they are communicating with, and if you feel like it will bring them harm, you can totally block that certain phone number.

Phone Sheriff Special Features

Phone Sheriff is one of the popular mobile monitoring software now. This help people to monitor the person they want to be monitored like parents to their children and employers to their employees. This software gives them accurate reports about their activity through their mobile phone. This application has very useful features that are now more developed and improved. In addition, here are some of the features that help to do the monitoring job effectively:


  • Altering Application – Avoid any usage of unnecessary application by means blocking. You can also lock the entire phone or just choose some application that need to be block.
  • Website Filtering – Like in application filtering, in this feature you can block a specific website that you think is not necessary. This helps the children and the employee to restrict visits to sites that are inappropriate for them and restrict them to so much usage of those sites.
  • Custom filtering – In this software there is a blacklist that need to be customized by means of blocking some website and contact to the phone.
  • SMS Messages – With Phone Sheriff, you can see all the text messages logs sent or received and even the deleted messages.
  • Call logs – View the dialed and received calls. The incoming and the outgoing phone calls even the call duration of each calls.
  • GPS location – You can view the accurate GPS location of the phone that being monitored.
    Email messages. Record all the email transaction of the person.
  • Website visited – All the website that have been visited through phone will be recorded even the phone history is deleted.
  • Images and videos – With Phone Sheriff you can unknowingly view all the images and videos that saved in the phone.
  • Added contacts – When your child adds a new number to their contact list you can easily see this number.


  • Profanity alert – When there is foul or bad words that been sent, you will get an alert. This feature is perfect to care for your child’s innocence.
  • Custom alert – You can create a list of words that you think is not acceptable, and if one of those words is being sent to you or used by person whose phone is being track you will be alerted.
  • Intrusion alert – If there is someone try to access the blocked function and you set an alert, Phone Sheriff will notify you.
  • Fencing alert – This features help you to effectively monitor specially you child. For example, you assigned a specific place that your child is allowed to go and they attempt to pass that place, this software alert you.
  • Time restriction – You can choose a certain time to lock the phone or block some function to avoid so much usage of the phone.
  • Multiple device management – In this feature you can manage to monitor more than one device in one control panel.
  • Remote uninstall – Using this feature, you can create a back up data to ensure that you still have those data even if the phone is stolen or lost.

These are the different special features of phone sheriff.

Parental Monitoring compatible for iPhone

The phone sheriff works with iPhone as well! iPhone itself is an amazing device. However, the maker of the phone, which is Apple do not allow third party to download applications on the device. Nevertheless, with the born of this program, you will be able to use the software in your iPhone as long as it was jail broken. Since this phone can do everything, as if you are using a computer, kids today are spending almost their entire day in using their phone. They spend time downloading applications, browsing in the internet, playing games on the phone, posting to their social media accounts, calling and chatting with friends. With these activities, children and especially teenager can do many things using this iPhone that is why parental control is a necessity for parents nowadays.

One way for parents to make sure they can monitor their children’s activity on iPhone is to use parental monitoring software. There is no software that is compatible with iPhone, it is only Phone Sheriff can do wonders for this kind of phone. When you install the software on the iPhone, it will record all the users’ activities and the files can be reviewed on the account your private account on the website. This will also let you set the parental monitor settings on the device, and you can set restrictions on how your child can use it. You will be surprise on how easy it is to monitor your child’s activity and restrict your child’s iPhone usage.

Using Phone Sheriff, you can monitor iMessages on iPhone. One of the free software for iPhone is iMessages where your child can communicate to different people. Apple’s free iMessages will allow them to send and receive text, photos, and videos on the same phone model. This will also let your children to share their location. With the use of this software, you will be able to record all their iMessages conversation, incoming and outgoing messages. This also includes name and time of the conversation. With the help of the software, you can also detect if your child has a problem and you may take actions from there.

Teenagers that are using iPhone love to take pictures of themselves, and anything that they will see along the way. What is not good idea about this is that they are taking explicit photos and they share and send them with their friend’s phones. Once these photos are shared, it will be easy to anyone to share it in the public with the use of social media, and embarrassment will follow. This could attract the online stalkers and other predators to contact your child. The safety of your child will be at stake just because of explicit photos. With the help of Phone Sheriff, you will be able to control photos and videos taken from your child’s phone. Any photos that you think that will affect the reputation of your child can be deleted using your control panel.

Phone Sheriff can help the parents to monitor their children even with the highest system phone in the market, which is Apple’s iPhone. Regardless of the model of your phone, there is surely compatible software for you.

Using Phone Sheriff’s Full Ability

If your child owns a tablet or smart phone, you might want to consider getting phone sheriff. If you want to know why, read on!

Today, tablets and phones or other gadgets are considered as a necessity, not just for adults but also to the young children. Parents somehow realized that letting their children used gadgets like tablets and phone are helping them to keep their children safe and protected. However, children being in their young age are not responsible enough to use those things properly. This is where the program helps, to keep track, monitor your child’s activity, or make sure the teenagers keep on the right track and away from harm. In addition, here are some ways to use this monitoring application:

Restrict the usage of phones and tablets. No matter where you go, you will notice that they are using their phone excessively by texting and calling their friends, browsing in the internet and sharing their thoughts in social media accounts. Even though that this seems to be a powerful tool and has proven its worth and capability, and we people gain many benefits, it still have its own flaws. When children have their respective phones or tablets they may think and start abusing it that may lead to affect their school works. Phone Sheriff will help you to solve this growing problem by means of blocking some features and function of the phone to a certain time. Those who are using smartphone, you have the ability to lock the entire phone to restrict the usage of your child to their phone.

Block a specific number in contact list. If you think that your child is using their phones more than they are allowed and you notice that they do so much texting and perform many phone calls, this is the best time to install Phone Sheriff to their phones. You will have an opportunity to block a particular number to your child’s contact list. You can also block the SMS text messages, phone calls or both for that particular number. This application also record text messages and calls information, and by checking this recorded logs and information you can easily determine which number needs to be block.

Track you child’s location by using GPS. If you suspect your child is lying to you about his/her whereabouts and you think that they are skipping schools or going to place they are not supposed to go, this application help you to track their location by using GPS.

Monitor child’s SMS messages and call logs. Because most teenagers do a lot of texting and some of them are into this popular trends in texting, called “sexting”, which is the messages that being sent have sexual content. If you are worried that your child is one of them and you want to avoid it, Phone Sheriff allows you do that by monitoring your child’s text and call activities. You will received a full logs of their text conversation even your child delete it already.

In this article, you have seen some of the features and function on how to use this Phone Sheriff application. Moreover, if you are worried to your children’s activities this is one of the best way to protect them and keep them safe to this modern world that surrounded by danger. Still, it is up to you if you want to avail or purchase this software. If you decide to try this, make sure you study and understand the function and things about this application so that you can use it effectively and you will not regret purchasing it in the end.

PhoneSheriff Review

PhoneSheriff is a software that any parent can use to control and monitor their children’s tablets and phones. In today’s society, you need to do everything you can as a parent to keep your children protected. It’s no longer only about what they may run into on the street but what they might find out in cyberspace that could do them harm as well. Any child that is allowed to use a tablet or a mobile phone needs monitoring by their parents to ensure that they stay safe and secure.

Your children don’t need to know that it’s installed!

If you have teenagers you may not want them to know that you’re tracking and monitoring their mobile devices. Fortunately, the PhoneSheriff reviews show that this software can remain completely undetected on the device so that you can really find out what’s going on. It’s not hard for a teenager to get lured down the wrong path by his peers and friends and you as a responsible adult have to stay on top of things at all times. If your child knows that his tablet or cell phone is being monitored, he may reach for someone else’s to do or discuss something that he knows you wouldn’t approve of.

How can PhoneSheriff keep my child protected?

This software offers a variety of features that allows you to monitor the phone and all of the activities that occur on it. Some of the most popular features, as seen in one PhoneSheriff reviews after another, include the following:

  • View the call logs
  • See what’s being written on the calendars
  • Find out who has been added to the contacts
  • Read the outgoing and incoming SMS messages
  • See where the phone is through GPS locations
  • Read through email messages
  • Learn more about the websites visited on the cell phone or tablet
  • Find out what was said during phone conversations
  • View videos and photos
  • Many other features that you’ll absolutely love!
  • Not only can you monitor the phone but you can filter it as well!

You’ll have the ability to place filters on the tablet or phone as you see fit. This will give you the opportunity to decide what you want your child to be exposed to on the device as a parent using PhoneSheriff. It’s important in this day and age to remember that you still have rights and even though the age of technology has been changing things up in the parenting world, you are still ultimately responsible for your child’s safety.

What is Phone Sheriff

Are you worrying about your child or employees usage of the mobile phone and tablets? Phone Sheriff will help you to monitor their activities. Our children tend to abuse the usage of their gadget when they know that parents are not doing anything about it. It is the same with the employees. There are times when employees forget to use their gadget properly even if they are in the office. There are companies that is giving their employees phone to use as long it is about their job. However, if the employee is working on the field, there is no way for the employer to monitor their worker’s activity on the company cell phone. This may affect the productivity of the employee when they are under minimal supervision.

Phone Sheriff is the next generation’s mobile spyware that can be use in cell phones and tablets. It has the ability to filter, block, and track the activities of your target device. This software is ideal for you and especially if you are a parent wants to control their child’s activity. After you set up the software on your target device, all you have to do is to set up the restrictions for phone numbers, websites, and even the time limit for usage. This software can record the cell phones activity in text messages, call logs, and most especially GPS locations. This GPS location helps you to locate physical location of the mobile phone. This is best usage when your child is missing and you can locate them using the software. You can view all the logs in a control panel on your account.

Using the internet capabilities of the phone or your tablets, the activities of the target device will be recorded in the Phone Sheriff account. You can review all the activity logs by logging in to your secured account on the website, and this website are designed with simplicity for users can navigate within the account easily.

While this program helps parents, it is best for employers as well. This software will let the employers track down the activity of the employees when they are working without the presence of their superior. There are cases when employees are only using the phone for recreation, letting them to decrease their capacity to work at their best.

Businesses nowadays are purely relying on online transactions and internet communications. Almost 70% of businesses operate on the internet rather that meeting with customer face to face. The employees also do the same thing with the company client; but one disadvantage of the phone sheriff is that employees may tend to abuse the internet in the office.

They may use their mobile phones or tablets to access on their social media account instead of working with the client. Facebook and Twitter can be a big distraction for the employees, because this accounts they may tuned in to their favorite activities and they can even communicate with friends and families. Worst case of all, is that it can be a means to send private information about the company that may result to the companies negative reputation.

These are the different information you might want to know about phone sheriff.

Here are just some of the fantastic filters you receive with this program:

  • Filter websites – You’ll have the ability to filter the sites that the user of the phone can visit. Any inappropriate websites can be instantly blocked.
  • Time restrictions – The phone may be locked during certain times of the day.
  • Filter contacts – Create your own whitelists and blacklists of contacts that may be allowed to appear on the phone.

Phone Sheriff is a silent nanny that works for you day and night

Take a moment to look through the Phone Sheriff reviews. You’ll see that everything that occurs on the target phone will be silently monitored and sent to your user interface where you can view it privately. You’ll be able to set up your own account password and you’ll be the only one that has access to the information provided. You can log onto your account at any time of the night or day to check in on the phone activities.

This is just like having your own nanny watching over your child or even a Sheriff that is guarding your youngster day and night. This is not a PhoneSheriff scam but is a high profile software that people are using globally with fantastic results. Let’s face it – the world has become centered around technology and the only way to keep a young one safe is through state-of-the-art methods. It’s become necessary to attack these technological advances through technical means and this is the software that can do it for you.

This program almost seems too good to be true!

This software was developed in the best interest of parents and children worldwide. Now you’ll be able to see if your child is messaging somebody they don’t know, contacting somebody on Facebook that may be a predator or is just simply getting in touch with his friends to plan a party that you’d prefer he didn’t go to. With the information in your hands from this PhoneSheriff review you’ll be able to make logical choices as a parent to decide what’s best for your child based on your own family morals.

Here are just some of the fantastic alerts you’ll be receiving!

These are the types of alerts that you will be sent when this cell Sheriff detects suspicious activity. You will be sent a message that will appear in your alert log and you will have the option of acting upon it or not according to your own level of parental authority.

  • Intrusion alert – When a wrong SMS command or PIN is tried on the phone you’ll receive a notice about it.
  • Profanity alert – This software will let you know if any profanity or abusive content has occurred.
  • Internet usage – Get recorded information about all of the Internet activity that has occurred on the phone.
  • Custom alerts – Set up your own list of target words that you want monitored and the program will let you know if and when they appear.
  • Real-time GPS tracking so that you can know where your child is at all times!

This is probably the best feature that this program offers according to the PhoneSheriff reviews. You’ll be using real-time tracking capabilities and will be able to see where the phone is and where it is moving to on a 3-D map.

There’s no doubt about it; you definitely need to install some type of protective monitoring feature onto your child’s mobile device. With this software package you’ll have everything bundled together into one complete service that gives you back the control you need as a parent to keep your children safe. It’s almost essential for many children to own their own phones to keep in communication with their parents these days but it must be safeguarded.

If you have a child you need to get this program today! Phone Sheriff is the monitoring software that allows you to sit back and relax when your children are out of sight knowing that they are being monitored and tracked to keep them out of harm’s way.